Josh Lewis

My Work

From high-availablity business applications to B2C apps used by thousands of people daily, Angular Dashboards, Shopify e-Commerce stores and business websites of all sizes, I've worked on a massive range of projects. I've included some of my work below.

Journo Portfolio

Journo Portfolio allows writers and journalists to easily create a portfolio website to showcase their work. Based on a freemium model The site has tens of thousands of users, many of who pay for advanced features.

Built on top of Django, scaling has been trivial and with the use of Digital Ocean.

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Journo Portfolio Website

Space and Style

Space and Style needed a new site to showcase their excellent portfolio of architectural design work with the flexibility to change any content, write blog posts and manage files associated with projects.

The smart contemporary design has helped expand their online reach which now accounts for the vast majority of their new leads.

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Space and Style Website

Devoted Films

A brilliant videography company based in South England, Devoted Films were looking to bring three existing sites together with a single admin area to manage content.

As part of the site they are able to send work digitally, directly to clients adding value to the services they provide.

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Devoted Films

Pure CRM

The largest project I have undertaken to date, Pure allows businesses to manage their projects, quotes and invoices.

A high-availbility web-app built with a Django API back-end and AngularJS SPA front-end it is both fast and reliable.

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Pure CRM Website

Play Design

This project for a Point-of-sale agency based in Cambridgeshire, provided the company with an invoicing system, contact and project management tools and allows them manage their website content.

Their website was updated to better display their work and projects.



This redesign of a large manufacturing company's website gave them full control of updating their site and managing what products were displayed while giving a much more modern design.